Thursday, June 29, 2017

dark chocolate and good chocolate.

food plan

whole grain and brown grain

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Whole grain breads are good because they are made of the whole grain.white breads are made out of refined grain. These breads are known as white breads and are not very nutritious.

the four food groups

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There are 5 major food groups
These are
-milk and milk products
-sugars and fats

Sugars and fats are the least important because they are unhealthy. We should make sure that we choose to eat foods that come from the first four food groups.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Maths Assessment

tapa photos from the art shop

Tapa photos from the art shop

In the first block we went to see salome to learn from her and do some art work. We had to listen to Salome and listen seriously to the teacher so that we could follow the instructions.

In the second  block we went to do the tapa cloth with salome and we had to see if the tapa cloth is different  or the same.
In the third block we went back to the same spot where we were sitting and then the teachers gave us some tokens for being good.

In the last block we went back to school to reflect on our learning.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Te tuhi trip
Screenshot 2017-06-21 at 13.53.03.png

Yesterday we went to te twe before we had morning tea and lunch and then we were waiting for the bus to come and then we got the bus and after we got off the bus we went inside  the art shop but it was free on the bus and at the art shop when we went into the art shop we meet salome ho is a monitor that makes children listen and learn to do art first we went to talk to salome and after that we went to the       art room and we put hardware aperen on and paint and draw a picture that we drawed at school and then salome and mis shama cleared the pictures and then we took hardware aperen of and we went back were we were and we went to the showers and after that we went to watch a movie about a person that species tongan and maori he put a piece of paper and he put mud in the sake to and he sales it so that they can make house in a place that has aceite and after that we went back were we were and we said the things that we soor in the art shop and then we went on the bus and got to school.  think you