Thursday, May 25, 2017

how to make a potato and onion fritter

How to make a potato fritter
Ingredient Required
-A few potatoes
-A few Onions
-2 cups of flour
-4 Water
-An Oil
-some salt
-Some pepper

Material Required
-4 Spoons
-An Electric frying pan
-some Piascik plat
-1 wooden spatula
-Some napkins

First you rafali peel the onions and the potatoes and then you put it into a big bowl with little holes in it and then you put water into the big bowl and after that you bring the big bowl and then you have to rafali diss the onions and potatoes and then you have to put pepper and salt into the bowl and mix it and after that you will grab the electric frying pan but you have to put the oil into the electric frying pan and when you are finished cooking then you can taste it and if it tastes yum then you don’t waste food but if it tastes yuck then you waste food at school then your mum make food.

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